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SERES (2022)

In this series, still in progress, I seek to approach the primitive sensation of feeling human, as an animal, energy and spirit. The photographs were constructed by multiple exposures on photographic film - developed at home - and digitalized later. And throughout the creation process light and its absence played a substantial role. The body and nature mix because they are one. The first, and most distant, lights from galaxies and stars captured by the James Webb Telescope meets with the silver salts under the pellicle and merges as an organism body. The images, which require a careful and close look, evoke, through multiple scales, physical and metaphysical sparks that allow us to visualize the threshold between feeling small and giant at the same time. Light, a fundamental element for the existence of the universe, crosses us daily in multiple ways and meanings, as we are its fruit and core, simultaneously. In my work, I seek an intense provocation of the senses to demonstrate the awakening of a new consciousness that allows us to bathe in the sensation of being, and feeling part of, everything that makes us up - as opposed to a contemporary thought that is rigid, disconnected, methodical and exploratory.

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