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Onírico (2021)

Onírico is an intense inner dive. From the depths of my inner self, I follow a contradictory, chaotic, infinite and incomplete creative process, a mysterious wave that has been expanding for billions of years, leaving behind a trail of existence, exciting the senses of every living being that appears by chance, intriguing and influencing all that is sentient.Our collective inability to deal with the totally individual abstractions produced by this concrete trail has brought us to a moment of escape from consciousness, in which everything concrete is increasingly ephemeral and almost everything we feel is artificial. This photographic series unites visible traces of a palpable existence, generating a subjective experience of reality for each observer. 

This photographic series was selected for the following events:São Paulo’s Analog Art’s Festival (2021), SOLAR Festival (2022), Seventh exhibition of Photography and Plural Arts of Icon Arts Gallery (2022) and the Free Exhibition on Photography of A Casa Foto Arte (2023).

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