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Entrelinhas (2023)

Across vast lands, where the wind whispers ancient secrets, the wings of experience unfold, weaving a brushstroke of stories. In the lands of the central hinterland of Canindé, where the sun dances in fiery harmony with the parched earth, an interweaving of photography and painting is created, where light and shadow blend in an embrace. The handcrafted developed analog photographs have been enlarged through cyanotype toning by Amanda Monasterio and colored by Beatrice Arraes using mixed photopainting techniques, a colorization process diffused within the Brazil's interior that carries a creative power behind sensitive portraits throughout it's history. In the still ongoing work, displacement acts as the brush that draws lines between reality and dream, guiding the path beyond the familiar horizon.

Each letter, like a guiding thread of emotions, blends into the landscape, becoming a link in a poetic cadence, a rhythm that echoes the potency of the letter painters craft. Tracings and brushstrokes carry life experiences and touch. The letters are constructed as they become guardians of secrets that only sensitive eyes can decipher. With each stroke on the wall or path, a new perspective rises, transforming the landscape into a web of intriguing meanings. Together, the artists develop a visual testament that resonates beyond time and borders, while giving prominence to the artists encountered along the way.

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